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Knight Industries Two Thousand

Who in their right mind of cool did not watch knight rider? If you grew up in the 80’s Micheal night played by David Haselgoff was like a God with a members only jacket and a talking car that could do almost anything.  That red beam of light bouncing back and forth from left to right on a shiny black hood is stuck in my head like a bad dream.  Instead of SIRI’s robotic voice blaring out of my iPhone I would actually much rather the voice of KITT, just because it would sound so much cooler.  KITT was the star of the show, a 1982 customized Pontiac Trans-Am that just kicked major ass all up & down Moreno Valley, California from 1982-1986. Since the original ended in 1986, after only four seasons there have been several unsuccessful spinoffs, adaptations and sequels. 1991 brought viewers a weak TV movie sequel with a second attempt made in 1994 which received cold reviews. 1997 & 2008 would be the last and most recent efforts to bring loyal fans and supporters a TV series, both times the plugs were pulled after just one season.  I would not be honest if I did not mention my excitement for the latest talks of a reboot in 2017 from producer/director Justin Lin, King of the fast car  franchises.  Lin, director of Fast & Furious 3, 4, 5 & 6 will partner with NBCUniversal brand development, YOMYOMF & Machinima to create the new Knight Rider content to stream on his you tube channel.  With what Justin Lin has already created on screen with cars and space ships, this reboot should really be a site to see.