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Charles Manson VS. Beach Boys

As an avid music lover, I wanted to share an interestingly true story with my readers.  No, it’s not that I love the Beach Boys or any of their catalog for that matter. No, it’s not that Charles Manson interests me in the least bit. However, in 1968 a weird series of events would take place.
Dennis Wilson, drummer for the Beach Boys picks up 2 female hitchhikers on 2 separate occasions driving through Malibu in 1968.  The second time Wilson spots the female hitchhikers he decides to pick them up and escort them back to his home on Sunset Boulevard. Later that evening the 2 woman introduce him to their self-proclaimed guru, Charles Manson.  When Wilson meets Manson for the first time he is afraid and not too fond of his appearance at first, Manson is able to convince him that he means no harm and comes in peace.  Dennis grew fascinated with Manson and his followers, gave them a place to stay and the rest is history.
During their brief time together Manson revealed that he was an aspiring musician and songwriter, Wilson was so impressed he actually paid for studio time to record Manson. In 1968 Charles Manson penned a song called “Cease To Exist” recorded by Dennis for the Beach Boys.  Manson attached one stipulation to the song, none of the words can be changed and it must be recorded exactly the way it was written. The song was solely credited to Dennis, rearranged then renamed as a B-side “Never Learn Not To Love”.  Dennis stated Manson owed him upwards of $100,000.00 and took rights to the song as payment, this made Manson furious.  Threatening death, Manson approached Dennis and handed him a bullet stating “Every time you look at it, think how nice it is that your kids are still safe”.  Eventually, Dennis had to move out of his house on Sunset Boulevard due to Manson’s violent tendencies.  A few months later Manson and his followers committed the gruesome Sharon Tate murders.