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Toy Story Air Mags

Sneakers Inspired By Toy Story Franchise

Custom Kicks

Mache custom kicks presents some Custom Yeezy’s inspired by the animated movie Toy story.  Mache Customs is one of the best customizers out there when it comes to fresh kicks.  I ‘m not a fan of the Yeezy’s at all, just not my particular cup of tea but I can see why others would desire the mocassin looking sneaker.

The only reason I am posting this is because this one takes the cake, its a beauty to look at, I can’t lie.  For those that have seen Toy Story, it’s not hard to tell that this is Woody’s entire sheriff outfit transformed into a custom Yeezy Boost, even down to his badge, hats off to Mache Customs.

Now for the fun part, the beautiful beast sitting next to the Yeezy are the kicks I would I grab in a heartbeat.  Also inspired by the Toy Story franchise we have the Marty McFly Nike Air Mag.  If you don’t already know how much of a die hard “Back To The Future” fanatic I am check out my earlier post on the Delorean.

Custom Back to the future Kicks