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Jordan Peele Captivates With "Get Out"

Get Out Movie PoaterComedian, now filmmaker Jordan Peeles latest film “Get Out” is the best thing since sliced bread. According to critics, the film deserved a 100% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes because that’s what it received. If you ask me, I think critics have gotten a little beside themselves giving “Get Out” a 100% fresh rating. Yes, I like the film, I thought it was smart and the timing was right to tell a story like this but 100% is going a bit far. If I were rating, I would say the film deserves anywhere from 85%-90%, to be fair to all the other underrated titles that have come before it. I am even more psyched that the movie is breaking records for cheap independent filmmaking, giving traditional Hollywood a run for their money. “Get Out” cost producer Jason Blum of Blumhouse productions a measly $4.5 million dollars, as of this writing the movie has already grossed $156 Million and growing at the box office. We can get more into my thoughts on the business savvy of Jason Blum in my upcoming post “The Great Hollywood Disruptor”.

Most of the talk surrounding “Get Out” is about race, how race plays a role in the success and the making of the film. I don’t totally agree with that, that’s nothing new, that’s all around us, all hours of the night and day. What I think really connects with audiences is not just race but the exploitation of black people and their genetic characteristics when compared to whites. To go even deeper, in my opinion, this is why sports is such a huge industry and rarely if ever are there any black majority owners. To put it in a nutshell, it’s the bigger, faster, stronger, concept with a comedic dark twist to it. At a time when the political climate is the way it is and race is at the bottom or the top of everyone’s discussion, the timing for “Get Out” is perfect.

Most frightening for me is the idea that you can easily go missing to become some rich family’s science project if you are not careful.  Chris Washington, played by Daniel Kaluuya was lured to this house of horrors by his girlfriend Rose Armitage, played by Allison Williams based on the fact that her parents would have voted for Obama a second time.   I don’t think that setup would actually work on a young black man in America but for the movie, it did its job.  The crazy part about this whole success story is that director Jordan Peele is married to a white woman, comedian/actress Chelsea Peretti.  It’s hard to say whether Peele’s marriage to Peretti was some inspiration behind the bizarre idea.  Now that all eyes are on this budding young black filmmaker the real test begins.  We have to see what Jordan Peele follows up with on his next two projects.  The follow-up will determine if he just got lucky or if he is truly here to stay.

April 6, 2017