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The Binder Clip Bag

The Peter Bristol Binder Clip Bag

This binder clip bag by Seattle-based designer Peter Bristol is extremely clever.  The bag is fully functional and if you have ever used a binder clip you know how well the tiny invention is engineered to work wonders in the right situation.  The bag is made of aluminum tubing and a wool felt body.  Clean straight lines give the bag a stylish European look and finish.  Yes,  the bag can use some practical upgrades to make it a bit more user-friendly, I would like to see leather as opposed to wool and metal but at the end of the day, it is a concept.

The Binder Clip Bag
Peter Bristol, head of industrial design at Oculus blends form with function to make unique inherently recognizable products.  Peters services have also been used to create lighting setups,  modern furniture, and several other unique installations.

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    April 17, 2017

    Idk….I am always open to new inventions and styles. To make a bag mimicking a binder clip
    I feel should have a purpose, relevant to organizing, else you are just carrying a bag that looks like a binder clip; should this be considered a style or trendy? I have seen some nice wine carriers that actually are unique and are fashionable, they just weren’t made out like a bottle of wine lol. This is the same with bowling stlyle bags. Now if this binder clip bag had multiple pockets for various items great for organizing (my bag is a mess I need it), or would be great to replace a briefcase or some filing folders, sure thing I would consider purchasing one. Just need some leather or suede added, the color isn’t bad, ummmm maybe some changes to the handle and some studs or fringes around the tips…. Yep!