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Gucci gets a facelift inspired by street-art.


Nova Scotia-born Trevor Andrew has given Gucci a new urban look these days and I like it a lot.  Mr. Andrew lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, with his wife, the musician Santigold, their son Radek and a Great Dane named Beau.  Mr. Andrew’s alter ego GucciGhost actually came second to his first love, a professional Olympic snowboarder for Burton.

GucciGhost actually started as a last resort.  In 2012, for a Halloween costume, he poked two holes in an old beat up bed sheet covered with the iconic Gucci double-G logo, the GucciGhost was born.  Admirers loved the costume, they loved the thought of  Trevor taking something old and making it new again, reinventing himself, reinventing the brand.  Trevor knew he was onto something, becoming obsessed, covering every surface and object he could with a hand-painted rendition of the Gucci logo.  In the course of a few months, the Trevor Andrew Instagram page was full of posts featuring his hand-painted double G on old television sets, vintage leather jackets, and street signs.  Mr. Andrew made a promise to himself “I’m going to push this idea until Gucci sues me or hires me, one or the other”.

After an introduction by his close friend Ari Marcopoulos, a photographer for the Italian luxury label, Alessandro Michele,  Gucci’s creative director, flew Mr. Andrew from Brooklyn to Rome in January 2015, to collaborate on new Gucci designs.  Following their meeting Mr. Andrews was hired on the spot, ever since his crudely painted double G-logo appeared on the runway several times in Milan last February.  Some of his pieces include a Gucci cream-colored pleated, black leather shoulder bag, and a nylon bomber jacket.  Trevor Andrews graffiti-inspired logo also appeared in Gucci’s men’s wear runway shows in June 2015.







January 20, 2017