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John Wick 2 Outshines 1


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If you want to see exploding heads, heavy artillery, cool special effects and vivid cinematography, you need to see John Wick 2, directed by Chad Stahelski. This movie is bad ass and if you ask me good for the soul. I mean let’s face it, all the stress we deal with on the daily basis, I’m sure we all would not mind being John Wick for a few hours. Even if it’s just to let off some steam or put a serious hurting on some of our worst enemies, then the credits roll and we go back to our normal lives.

I was expecting a decent follow-up to John Wick 1 but when I saw a 90% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes for the sequel I was a bit surprised. I was certainly not expecting a crime/ thriller sequel of this caliber to be as good, maybe better than its predecessor. Keanu Reeves has proved to be quite a bankable star, even with his undeniable lukewarm performances in between. Reeves is best known for hIs role as Neo in the fantasy/action trilogy Matrix released in 1999. Keanu also starred in the cult classic action crime thriller Point Break, alongside Patrick Swayze and Gary Busey in 1991.

Director Chad Stahelski captures all the elements for an enjoyable action/thriller experience. Stahelski, a stuntman himself clearly goes the extra mile with the stunt sequences which are beautifully done. When you watch John Wick 2 you can see that the actors are really putting themselves through hell to make the scenes believable. You can feel the dedication the actors give to Stahelski to make the film an enjoyable experience, it almost feels as if your playing a video game. By the end of John Wick 2, you are witnessing the plot for John Wick 3, which is perfect I might add. Without giving away too much too soon, Wick is gonna need some kick ass help to play the cards he’s been dealt.

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