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Fairytales Do Come True

1_1Mythical creatures actually do exist.  While clearing a site for construction in 1960 contractors came across an extremely bizarre find.  One of the structures to be taken down was a long abandoned mansion that belonged to Thomas Theodore Merlin.  Thomas Merlin, Crypto-naturalist, Fringe Zoologist and Xeno-Archeologist, seems to have left behind several thousand small wooden boxes.  The small wooden boxes are not the meat of this story, it’s what was found inside, the remains of small mythical creatures, real fairy tale shit.  The findings are creatures and artifacts thought to only be associated with myths so it is extremely mysterious but certainly, no fairytale as Merlin was a scientist.  There is plenty to research and lots of photos.  Feel free to comment, read and research more on this topic, you be the judge.  To see more about this post 


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    May 14, 2017

    Wonder where did he get this stuff? I mean we see and hear about rare findings; we watch movies about discoveries of ancient historical events being brought in to existence of our current times such as dinosaurs, aliens and other lost and unknown subjects etc etc, but I can’t help but to wonder the genuine of those existence. I don’t know I have to do my research and dig deeper.
    I am always open to knew discoveries and so believe in the existence of the unimaginable and impossible.