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Authorized Notorious B.I.G. Documentary

Yes, Christopher Wallace is one of the best to ever do it but a documentary tentatively titled “One More Chance” directed by The Malloys? Do we need it? No.

 Since Biggie died in 1997, there’s been a sea of theories adding to the mystery behind his death.  Movies, documentaries, short stories, anything you can think of pops up every few years to bring attention to the rapper’s demise.  In 2009 a full-length biographical feature directed by George Tillman jr., starring Jamal Woolard, Derek Luke, and Angela Bassett was released to lukewarm reviews.  With all of the accumulated data over the last 20 years, loyal Biggie supporters do to be constantly reminded of such a great loss.  It’s time for The Notorious B.I.G to Rest In Peace so that his legacy can finally take its natural form.

B.I.G. in NYCThe new selling point of  “One More Chance” is the film will be made in close collaboration with the late musician’s mother, Voletta Wallace.  The film is also set to feature the entire catalog of the legendary artist music.  In my opinion, who is going to care? I can’t see this documentary being any more informative than the others that have surfaced.  The “One More Chance” filmmakers, who have been attached to projects like Sugarman, 20 Feet From Stardom and  Nas: Time Is Illmatic obviously feel there is more to tell with his documentary.  Hopefully, the enthusiasm behind this project will open up doors for more authorized documentaries about legends not fortunate enough to have their stories told as of yet.

With the untimely deaths of several legends, we’ve lost, it can get redundant to tell the same stories over and over.  Telling us what we already know is watering down the legacy of a truly great artist and does zero for the culture.

The Notorious Big

Voletta Wallace said the following in a statement:   “It brings so much joy to my heart that my son Christopher’s music has made such an impact on the music community and his stories have positively inspired so many young men and women over the years and still influencing the youth all over the world today,” 

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    February 28, 2017

    Biggie was great. He introduced s different style of rap aka hip hop to the streets which will keeep him remembered as a legend although there were others coming up with him, he did it better. He had a flow, he was lyricist, he could free style, wrote for others and he had sick beats to go with his ill lyrics. He is the birth and introduction of the new age rap which lead to the rap of today.