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  • Music TREE

    Chicago Rapper, Tree

    Tree – This chicago rapper is planting his flag in cracked chicago concrete.  Tree seems to be putting rap fanatics on notice with his raspy voice and hard beats.  This joint “Dont Een Kare” recently caught my attention. Check…

  • Music SLAVES

    Slaves Press Photo

    Slaves – Are an English punk band formed in early 2012 from, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  The duo consists of guitarist, bassist, and vocalist Laurie Vincent.  Holding down the drums and co-vocals would be the Slaves second half, Isaac Holman.  Their gritty…

  • Music DEVONWHO


    This tune is perfectly executed and right up my alley.  How can you not bop your head to this electronic blueprint of perfection. This is the hypnotic track “Anti-Ragequit” off of Devonwho’s 2016 debut album Luz. DevonWho is signed…



    A piece from digital artist Elodie Milan aka “Artmour”. Her style, innovative and fresh as it is, brings attention to fashion in a unique way.  Milan shows the finished product of experimenting with the rearrangement of classic art.  Her…