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Sampha Gives His Fans A Peek Into His Process

unknown-2Sampha – United Kingdoms Sampha recently dropped a new album called Process and I must say, its super on point, showing his growth as an artist.  I have been listening to  Sampha since I was turned on to SBTRKT in 2011.  Prior to the Process album, he released 2 EP’s, Sundanza in 2010 and Dual in 2013.  As a producer myself, I can certainly appreciate the awkward sound that Sampha has to offer but his weapon is not the musicality of the EDM beats its the distinctive voice that stands out and catches your ear.  Although Sampha’s beat selection could use a little more attention to detail, in my opinion, it still does not water down his ability to make a good record.  Songs like “Under” and “Blood On Me” caught my attention instantly, how could it not with those clean kicks and snares, peppered with piano keys and catchy hooks.  The album’s single “Timmy’s Prayer” is a good record too, it puts you in a different headspace than the earlier songs I mentioned but all in all, good stuff if you ask me.  Sampha is not what I would call the everybody artist as it may not register with the masses but that’s what makes his music so special.

February 10, 2017
February 13, 2017