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Hypnotized By Slaves

Punk Rock group SlavesSlaves – Are an English punk band formed in early 2012 from, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  The duo consists of guitarist, bassist, and vocalist Laurie Vincent.  Holding down the drums and co-vocals would be the Slaves second half, Isaac Holman.  Their gritty music is associated with the British punk scene sprinkled with a harsh bluesy sound with magnetic garage riffs.  Before signing with Virgin EMI in 2014, They released 2 prior recordings through two separeate labels, Girl Fight Records in 2012 and Fonthill Records in early 2014.  Slaves have been buzzing in and  around London for a while now, finally their distorted riffs have caught the ears of a much broader audience, including me.  When you see these guys they look like two preppy kids on their way to school, smartly dressed innocently quiet, until they open their guitar cases.  The Slaves debut album “Are you Satisfied?”, released in June of 2015 reached number 8 on the UK Albums Chart in its first week.  By the time they got around to releasing their second album “Take Control” in September of 2016, that album peaked at number 6 on the UK album Charts.

This track Hypnotized is the way punk rock should sound.  Even though the track has a big gritty punk rock sound, I like the fact that it has a clean arrangement.  What do I mean by a clean arrangement? I mean the song is well thought out, as a producer I can relate to it well, aside from the fact I am not a part of the punk rock scene.  If you like this tune send us a kite and comment.


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April 17, 2017
April 21, 2017