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The Iconic Banksy

Banksy, one of the most top secret artist of my generation is and continues to be a huge inspiration to me and tons of other artists around the world.  His style and mysterious technique is one that you will not see every day.  Go to sleep on a Monday night, it is a once in a lifetime chance you may wake up Tuesday morning with Banksy painted on your neighbor’s side wall facing your driveway.  Those who appreciate what Banksy has to offer to the culture have a clear understanding of what it is that they are looking at and snapping pictures of when they are mysteriously slapped with a Banksy.  Even those not so lucky who think they are just looking at another act of vandalism or ugly graffiti splattered on someone’s property eventually come around.  You do not have to have a masters degree in the arts to interpret the beauty and political messages in a Banksy mural.  A new Banksy mural normally takes no more than 48 hours before it is cleaned or forcefully removed to be stored and preserved for a later date to be sold for millions of dollars.

Although the English-based artist is an unverified identity his free artistic contributions are extremely identifiable in many parts of the world.  Banksy is also a political activist and promotes many of his political views in his paintings, he was nominated for an academy award in 2011 for the best documentary film “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.  Banksy’s Dismaland, a sarcastic stab at Disney Land theme parks, opened as a collective group show in August of 2015, artists Damien Hirst and Jenny Holzer was featured as well.

In recent months Banksy has been rumored to be a group of seven artists as opposed to just one man.  According to Scottish journalist, Craig Williams, Banksy could be Massive Attacks Robert Del Naja, a former graffiti artist from the 1980’s.

January 30, 2017

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    February 7, 2017

    What people fail to realize is art doesn’t need a definition. Just like poetry, certain messages of the author are either hidden or less obvious. What people anticipate in the arts of today rather it be music, fashion, etc… is just an example of how far we are from the reality of modern day society. Art is what makes us individually unique, for art even exists with in ourselves.