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The Irishmsn

Scorsese, De Niro, Pesci & Pachino begin their masterpiece.

Of all of the many movies I have seen over the years, good and bad,  I am most excited about the The Irishman based on the book “I heard you paint houses” by Charles Brandt.  Principal photography  is due to start early this year with a release date sometime in 2018.  Scorsese will be directing an all star cast, De Niro playing Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, Pachino as Jimmy Hoffa & Joe Pesci is reportedly scheduled to play Russell Bufalino but has not yet confirmed, Harvey Keitel & Bobby Cannavale will also appear. The Irishman will make the 10th film mastermind Scorsese and the talented De Niro will work on together which will make their body of work even more legendary than it already is.  Although this will be the first time Pachino has worked with Scorsese The Irishman will make the perfect canvas for both artists to tell a story that can only be told by the pros in classic mob fashion.  Honestly in my mind I have been patiently waiting for a film like this since Scorsese’s Casino hit theaters in 1995, Departed was not bad but certainly did not measure up to its predecessor Goodfellas 16 years earlier.  In closing Scorsese is an excellent filmmaker who knows how to tell stories with magnificent detail and extraordinary style.  As we get closer and closer to the completion of this long awaited project, finally getting it on screen, we can only hope that the hype does not outperform such a solid cast, story & opportunity to tell a story that only a mastermind like Scorsese and his crew of geniuses can tell.