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Seismic Waves

Atmosphere Atmosphere – Feast your eyes and ears on this innovative visual from Minnesota duo Atmosphere.  I am not comfortable enough to call these guys hip-hop just yet.  My opinion aside I can definitely appreciate the video for “Seismic Waves”, off their seventh album Fishing Blues.  In the video, Slug and Ant stage a prison break filmed in one continuous take.  In true Martin Scorsese style, the visual features everything from fighting prison guards, rioting convicts,  burning mattresses and raging fire in the midst of chaos.  I must be totally honest, I am not really familiar with the music in MC Slug and Dj Ant’s catalog but this effort will make me take the time out to go through it.  Without knowing much about the group and what they stand for, it’s not hard to see that political issues drive the music and the message.  Politically charged or not, I call this mood music, music that puts you in the mood or you have to be in the mood to listen.  With lyrics like “Things ain’t been the same since Trayvon, shit/Things ain’t been the same since Reagan”, Atmosphere is ready to stand on their square.  If you are into the message and really listen to lyrics, you can read verses 1 & 2.






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    April 3, 2017

    Different yet the message is broad as daylight, but the youth of today will not get it even if they catch it. Wow dope yet also deep. “Since the Gods went crazy and broke the languages” …….