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Chanel Air Jordan 1

Chanel Air Jordan 1 – In the words of the legendaryRakim, “this is how it should be done”. I have seen a lot of sneakers high and low-end brands but this takes the cake, filling the quota for, the best of both worlds.  Courtesy of grand customizer, The Shoe Surgeon, here we have the highly impressive Chanel Air Jordan 1. When it comes to great things and high standards, I’m there with bells on, this is it.
With nothing but a Chanel bag in his arsenal, The Surgeon managed to put together something the most fashion ignorant person could wear.  The Jordans upper is primarily composed of traditional Chanel lambskin with quilted black leather.  Included is a classic gilded swoosh, topped off with gold Chanel hardware for that well-rounded signature look.   Unfortunately, this Nike shoe is not able to be purchased for obvious reasons but if it was, this pair could run anywhere from $4,000.00 – $6,000.00,  you be the judge.

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    February 19, 2017

    I love Chanel but def don’t seen the two being a fashionable combination. Just another reason for blacks to stand on ridiculous long lines at the crack of sun light for the latest pair of Jordans. Meanwhile it’s the Mexicans that stand out side hudling corners with hopes that they will be picked for a job assignment #priorities