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Connan Mockasin – I’m The Man, That Will Find You

This tune by Connan Mockasin, psychedelic pop musician from Te Awanga, New Zealand is perfectly crafted and designed to make you feel good.  when I hear this my producer/DJ ear kicks in & screams  one of the Gibb brothers,  Barry in particular. Erol Alkan, electronic producer/DJ & founder of Phantasy records was onto something special when he signed Mockasin in 2010.  Connan’s instrument of choice since 2005 is his sky blue Fender Stratocastor, customized into the shape of a tear drop. Connan has also been spotted playing a black Silvertone 1448 under the name “Mockasin Arabia Finn” joined by previous BARB bandmates James Milne and Liam Finn.