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Acrophobia by - Gracy Hopkins

 Gracy HopkinsArtist Gracy Hopkins gives us a breath of fresh air with his track “Acrophobia”.  This song is culturally mind-bending and fresh all at the same time.  Hopkins is definitely leading the charge in this so-called genre they call Hip-Hop.  He actually started out making cool sounding beats under the name Kaisy Jay.  After mastering his beat craft, he started expressing himself over the experimental instrumentals.

I can truly appreciate Gracy Hopkins courage to be himself.  He’s not wasting a lot of valuable creative time trying to be something he is not.  As a musician, singer-songwriter, and composer he’s out here flexing his muscle on these rap bozos.  To prove he’s way ahead of the curve, he does not call his fans a fan base, he calls them the “Hopkins Community”.  Nice!!!




March 19, 2017