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Ridiculous Horror Moves Part 1.

Stupid Horror – I normally would not waste server space and energy on a post like this but I figured I have to be balanced.

While most creative people with fantastic innovative ideas are struggling to find funding for their projects, these are projects that should have never been funded or even saw the light of day. The content in this post will include some of the ridiculous horror movies known to man, kind of a toast to my recent Kuso article, recently labeled the grossest movie ever made.  Even though I am looking forward to seeing Kuso as it’s director is a hip hop music producer named Flying Lotus who has never directed a full feature, If you don’t do anything else with this ridiculous comedic horror at least you can get a good laugh (see trailer gallery)

Monsturd (2003) – This movie is about a low life criminal who actually turns into a killer piece of shit, yes, literally a piece of shit.  He comes up out of the toilet to kill his victims then escapes back into the sewer where he lives.  At some point, he gets attacked by a laxative and is eventually devoured by 1000 house flies.

The Stuff  (1985) – A detective looks into a tasty, mysterious goo that comes from the earth but marketed as a new dessert sensation.  Consumption of the treat leads to an infestation of zombie-like beings who only want to consume more and more.

Ice Cream Man (1995) – Young children inform the authorities about a weird gentleman who is an ice cream vendor.  After further review, it is discovered that he blends human body parts into his frozen treats.

Death Bed (1977) – An ordinary bed, once conjured up for a demon to make love to a woman, comes to life when the demon’s blood comes in contact with it.  As long as the demon is resting the beds evil is contained, but once every 10 years when the demon wakes, the bed is given the power to physically eat people.

The Lift (1983) – Strange and unusual events on a lift, cause suspicion from an inquisitive reporter and lift technician following a decapitation and a near death suffocation. An investigation leads to a suspected microchip experiment with a smart elevator.

February 19, 2017