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Kuso, Disturbing Or Artistically Gross?

Kuso– Released January 21, 2017

Since the new year there has been a lot of buzz around the producer/musician, now filmmaker, Steve Ellison better known as Flying Lotus. “The film you are about to see will melt your brains” is a statement made by a Sundance representative before premiering his new graphic art film, Kuso.  As I have not yet seen the film I am not able to give a full well-rounded opinion of Kuso but based on the gruesome but colorful trailer I have seen, it’s a real horror show, a nightmare you would not wish on your worst enemy.  If nothing else, we have to give Flying Lotus a round of applause for at least having the guts to not be safe and make the film he wanted to make without the fear of backlash and criticism.  According to several entertainment news sources, attendees of the Sundance, Kuso premiere were so turned off and repulsed by the content that they just got up and walked out.

Kuso  unknown

So basically Kuso is a series of short films pieced together to tell the story of events that unfold following a devastating earthquake in Los Angeles.  Casts include Hannibal Burgess,  Donnell Rawlings, Tim Heidecker and George Clinton who happens to play some kind of doctor with an insect up his ass, really out there stuff. When asked, Flying Lotus replied, “this movie is simply everything I am afraid of”.  This is a project I honestly cannot wait to see, especially after all the hype that is being generated, positive or negative.  In closing, if you’re not interested in being a part of a beast like fantasy world full of fur-covered aliens, ejaculation, feces, blow up dolls, talking warts, fornication and psychedelic animation you may want to sit this one out and wait for my review.  In the meantime, if you don’t have a weak stomach check out the trailer.

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