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Contrary To Popular Belief Metro Is Not A Legend Yet

Metro Boomin is on top of the world right now.  The 23-year-old talented producer from St. Louis Missouri just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  Obviously, one of the staff writers over at Noisey fell and bumped their head again.  To put Metro Boomin in the same sentence with the word legend is out of line.  There is absolutely no way that Metro Boomin can be considered a legend at this point in his music career with good reason.Metro Boomin


First of all, I like Metro Boomin.  I hear the passion, hunger and focus in his FL studio sequences and 808 drum rolls.  The samples, loops, and sounds he selects and decides to build around are unexpected, knocking raw hypnotic tones.  There is no doubt that if Metro Boomin can continue the hype and momentum, he is carving out a spot for himself on the wall of legends.  As consumers of pop culture, we have to stop labeling everything covered in hype a legendary event.  Yes, we live in a different era now and the rules have been adjusted to fit the times but Metro Boomin has nowhere near enough classic records and albums under his belt to be called a legend.  This is a great example of good ideas stemming from a need for change, I must add a sub-category “Legends” to the music tab in the main menu, to educate folks on what a legend really is.Metro Boomin Flyer


This article is not to clown or take anything away from Metro Boomin who has done phenomenal work with Gucci Mane, Future, Drake and 21 Savage to name a few.  The well produced Metro Boomin album “What a Time to Be Alive” released in 2015 is actually one of my top 50 hip-hop albums, so I know what Metro Boomin is capable of.  Unfortunately, we now live in a content-driven society where the turn around rate is only in a matter of hours, that creative pressure can easily burn out any creative artist.  The appropriate definition of a legend in regards to the field of music is not based on Who’s good, who’s bad or who had a few popular records hear and there. First, you had to have produced at least 2 classic albums that have made a lasting impression on the culture. Second, have a body of work that spans at least four years and can swim on its own in this deep sea of music.  If we can’t live by those minimal requirements, we can just start calling anything that exists at this very moment legendary.  Stay tuned to my legend posts.

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