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Why 4:44 Can't Go Down As A Classic


Ok, let me take this real slow. I personally don’t like 4:44 at all, I will break down the explicit reasons why song by song in this post. First, I will start off by saying all critics and supporters praising Jay’s latest work 4:44 are lying to themselves, lying or so caught up in the Jay Z spell they have lost their ability to separate garbage from treasure. Jay-Z’s first mistake was working with only one producer for the entire album. No I.D. is a dope producer but in no way shape or form is he prepared or ready to package and or reinvent a master & superstar like Jay Z.
I can also say that I really don’t have a problem with Jay Z on the album. I thought Jay Z delivered Jay Z, my issue is the music, programming & production, it was just horrible. 4:44 gave the tone of amateurs playing around trying to come up with catchy concepts to piece together an album. This is hands down his worst album out of all 13 projects since the release of Reasonable Doubt in 1996. 4:44 sounds unfinished and can easily be challenged by any seasoned producer, DJ or music aficionado who does not care to judge by the brand and more by the quality of the content.
Honestly, I thought the release of this album was a hoax. When I first heard it I did not understand how or why Jay would co-sign such mediocre material. I get it, it’s supposed to be an artsy project where he is dropping these valuable jewels about real estate, investments & dirty laundry but it sounds terrible.
I can’t speak for Jay Z but I really think he dropped this project to show the game, look, my brand can put out anything just shake shit up on purpose. It’s no different than any other name brand that puts out a low-quality product and watches consumers flock to it just because of the name.
Sorry, Jay and No I.D. you’ll have to redeem yourselves on this one. 4:44 has no shelf life, once you skim through it trying to find something worth listening to, it’s over, done. 4:44 could have better album if you would have put “Death Of Auto-Tune” produced by No I.D. On repeat 13 times. Supporters having to wait 4 years for this is a slap in the face. Hopefully, the redemption comes a whole lot sooner.


Produced by: No I.D. & Jay Z

  1. Kill Jay Z – This track is light in the ass, there is barely a baseline. The bassline that is there is extremely lazy and lacks creativity. The overall tone of the sample sounds dated and out of touch. I do like the message and the concept, killing off the ego and all but remember, I still have to listen to this for at least 2 minutes.
  2. The Story Of O.J.– This is certainly one of the better tracks off the album. Even though the tempo does drag a bit it has a slight groove, nothing to write home about though. Again, lacks an interesting bassline to carry the record and Jay’s high-pitched vocals.
  3. Smile feat. Gloria Carter– Not much to say about this track at all other than I hate it. The programming on this one sounds amateur and out of sync, a bit all over the place.
  4. Caught their eyes feat. Frank Ocean– I do like Frank Ocean’s hook and tone over this track. Jay’s verses are tight but the programming is quite sloppy & dated.
  5. 4:44-This sample is probably the most annoying piece of music on the album. Aside from the sample, I think the mix is just as much of the issue. This one just sounds unfinished to me.
  6. Family Fued feat. Beyoncé-This track sounds like it was started in 1992 but never completed. Where’s the bassline and some decent drums to carry this monotonous loud sample? Jay does not sound comfortable on this song, his flow is a bit staggered.
  7. Bam feat. Damien Marley-Not the greatest but the best song on the album, I like it a lot. Perfect sample, perfect drum programming & Marley on the hook just complete the cipher. It’s just a good damn song.
  8. Moonlight– Where’s the beat? I don’t even know how to approach this as there is nothing there to address. Again, sounds like an unfinished beat from the early 90’s. Why???
  9. Marcy Me– Where’s the beat? This song sounds like they were trying to avoid a sample clearance as it’s been chopped down to nothing. Another lazy production.
  10. Legacy-This song is message heavy but the programming continues to be amateur and out of sync, lacking a groove. I’ll pass.
  11. Adnis– So corny, old & dated. I swear this track has got to be over 20 years old. Lazy production once again, where’s the beat, bassline & drums No I.D.?
  12. Blues Freestyle feat. Blue Ivy Carter-I actually like this song, it’s halfway decent thanks to Blue Ivy Carter. Yes, the production still lacks body and substance all the way. Even with the musical shortcomings, you can tell they were headed in the right direction.
  13. MaNyfaCedGod feat. James Blake– This is a joke like the rest of this lazy project. This is not even a song, it’s awkward sounds thrown together hoping they will land in the right place.