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Raekwon "The Chef" announces "The Wild"

unnamedThis is the artwork to Raekwon the chef’s new album currently titled “the wild” by British artist Dan Lish. This is Raekwon’s 7th masterstroke, he vows that this album will be filled with a lot of twists and turns to wow fans of his earlier works “only built for Cuban links” released in 1995 & “immobilarity” released in 1999. Raekwon says “with all the shit going on today” this is an album built for the culture & to let all his day one’s know, ain’t a damn thing change since he burst on the scene with the Wu-tang clan back in 1993.

I’m not exactly sure what or who Raekwon was referring to when he said “all the shit going on today” if I had to guess I am almost sure he is referring to the demise of hip hop culture over the last 7 years or so, especially the sound & requirements. Maybe Nas was onto something when he said hip hop is dead in 2006. Not to put the weight of the game on Raekwon’s shoulders but if he delivers what he promises to with this album “The Wild” we may be on our way to a much-needed shift in hip hop again.  As of this writing, the release date for “The Wild” has not been confirmed, it will be released courtesy of ICEH20/Empire Records.