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H.Moser Watch Made Of Real Swiss Cheese

H.Moser WatchMy favorite of all the deli cheeses is cut out for a new purpose these days.  It’s not only used to add flare and flavor to your turkey sandwich or melted between two slices of bread to make grilled cheese, it’s been summoned to protect time.  I’m talking about a real Swiss cheese watch people.

Luxury names are usually very serious about their no-nonsense brands and what they stand for, not necessarily for this occasion.  Switzerland watchmaker H.Moser has come up with a luxuriously clever way to protest the  “Swiss Made” symbol engraved on time pieces that are not entirely made in Switzerland.  That’s right, in order for a watch to be authentically labeled Swiss made the production needs to be totally of Swiss origin with assembly and testing both taking place in Switzerland.  As the elements of watch making are so easily outsourced, H.Moser is using this piece to make a statement.

The “Swiss Mad” watch case is crafted with Swizz cheese with resin to keep the mold solid.  The “Swiss Mad” hardware include the in-house HMC 327 caliber, a hand-wound movement with a three-day reserve.  Only one of these watches were made and it will set you back 1,081,291 Swiss Francs, approximately $1.07  million US.

If you want to stop time and be uniquely one of a kind with a real Swiss made watch made with real Swiss cheese, write a check for 1,000,000 bucks and take home the “Swiss Mad” watch from H.Moser.H.Moser Watch

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    March 8, 2017

    This is dope, unique and adds “flavor” to the style of these watches. I actually would like to see one in person. I am intrigued to feel It, smell it; just curious if it’s overall dynamics. Very expensive too. If it were me, the money made from these watches would be contributed to feeding the hunger. It’s kinda catchy. You make a watch from a dairy food, then take part of the proceeds and feed hungry people around the world. May even be enrougaging for business too. Just thinking out loud