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Takahiro Yamamoto shoe

Mesh Shoes by Takahiro Yamamoto

Takahiro Yamamoto shoesTakahiro Yamamoto, winner of the A-design award & competition is ahead of the curve with his innovative mesh invention.  Yamamoto’s mesh shoes are designed to assist people in walking correctly.  During the designer’s research, he discovered the way we walk is incorrect and makes us prone to injuring ourselves without even realizing it.  According to Yamamoto the only time we walk correctly is on the beach when we walk barefoot over the sand.  By upgrading certain characteristics of the shoes we wear on a daily basis, Takahiro Yamamoto decided to design a shoe that makes you feel like your walking barefoot.

To design the shoe, Yamamoto uses original laser cut mesh materials to give the design a unique flexibility and breathable air flow.  Once the pattern is cut and a material sheet is molded with the heat gun, the sole is pressed and then attached.  If this shoe lives up to what it was really designed to do, I would buy a few pair and gladly sport them.  I would like to see how these shoes actually look on a walking foot to see how practical the design really is.Takahiro Yamamoto shoe