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The flaming LipsThis Flaming lips video “How” off of their album Oczy Mlody is all theater of the mind.  I absolutely love the violent synth sounds blaring out of this track.  The falsetto of Wayne Coyne adds to the stadium tone as well.  Hailing from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma these psych-rock overlords formed in 1983 planted their flag and never looked back.  The Flaming Lips combine plush multi-layered synth arrangements with awkward lyrical compositions to create their psychedelic sound.  As suggested in the video their live show is actually where the fun gets started.  The Flaming Lips stage performance includes flashy costumes, falling confetti, sophisticated light shows, puppets, balloons and large video screens.  Wayne Coyne, the groups lead is known to travel across the audience in a human-sized plastic bubble.  If you have not seen a performance from The Flaming Lips, put that on your to-do list.

Yes, this song and video are great but I do take issue with Wayne Coyne’s lyric blasting the sound of hip hop.  He is quoted as saying “kill your rock ‘n’ roll motherfucking hip-hop sound”.  While most are confused as to what he means exactly, I am almost sure I know what he means.  Wayne Coyne is certainly entitled to his opinion but that lyric makes him sound terribly bitter with the current success of hip hop.

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March 19, 2017
March 22, 2017

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    April 3, 2017

    This track is a combination of mixed emotions; for he is just talking about a bunch of stuff in but so many words. (Typical artists of today). This could be taken so many ways. Truth is what is he really saying in his emotions which is up to him to reveal. I could understand an offense being taken from the verse “kill your rock n roll, motherfu**** hip hop sound” but I got a different perspective from this. Again I can’t speak for this artists emotion but definitely do want to always be on a rant to pull the hatred against the ‘folks’ card. Thus we are evolved around a world that seems to target the AA community and anything relevant, I like to know that I have given a being the benefit of the doubt. Aftern re listening to the lyrics and actually downloading them on line, I get the impression that he is saying kill the sound not to offend but to kill the noise of rock and roll and hip hop, as a metaphor for the language or message they dictate. Even in this modern day society people still don’t condone the music of rock, pop and rap/hip hop. But hey…just my opinion