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Rope Chain

How Much Is That Rope Chain In The Window

The rope chain was a part of the hip-hop uniform in the 80’s and early 90’s, it was a mean fashion statement and classified you as a rapper that finally made it.  The rope chain was in the same class as the box beamer, the tube Mercedes-Benz or the Gucci puffer coat, courtesy of the one and only Dapper Dan.  L.L. Cool J, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick and the infamous Run DMC are just a few artist that come to mind when you think about the rope chain.  Just thinking about this massive piece of jewelry today is probably embarrassing and borderline ridiculous but it’s certainly a piece of nostalgic fuel for me.  Gordy gold chains have made a slight comeback but nowhere near what the rope chain was decades ago.  Rapper Kanye West has probably taken the cake with his gigantic Horace medallion and chain made by Jacob the jeweler with an estimated value of 300 grand, this thing has got to be the largest hip hop chain I have ever seen.  Jay-z’s massive Cuban link and Nas’s rope chain with the monstrous King Tut medallion were also designed with the nostalgic rope chain in mind, attempts to mimic the audaciousness of earlier hip-hop performers.  Either way, I can comfortably say that the rope chain definitely gave hip-hop an image in the 80’s just as distressed leathers and tight jeans gave punk rock an identity around the same time.  Just to give you old school nostalgic junkies like me an idea of what these truck accessories cost back then, the chain on L.L. Cool J’s walk like a panther album cover cost $50,000 while Eric B. and Rakim’s Paid In Full set cost a cool $100,000.  Last but certainly not least MC Ricky D aka Slick Rick dropped a cool $250,000 back in 1988.



January 26, 2017