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The One Brand Brings Us The One Backpack

The One BackpackThe One Brand brings fans of the classic backpack the first leather, fully customizable backpack. The company announces the backpack as the first with truly innovative design and ergonomic functionality.  The breakdown of this fresh backpack is as follows: The complete body of the bag consist of two parts, the leather backpack itself which holds the contents being transported and then the customizable outer shell.  The outer shell comes in different flavors, allowing those that wear the bag to express themselves in their own special way, changing styles as mood and preferences change.

My own opinion of the bag is that it is truly a piece of art.  Designed by two architects the front side of the backpack has a geometric polygonal form like a cluster of high-rise buildings in Dubai.  The One Backpack has the beauty and character to even be worn as a solo piece if need be.  The One is fully handcrafted with the finest selection of the finest Italian black leather with pockets for all of your personal electronic gadgets.  The shell of The One is created with a high quality, black glossy polystyrene perfectly reflecting its futuristic polygonal form.  The shell is also completely water resistant keeping all of your valuables safe, secure and most importantly completely dry.


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    July 1, 2017

    Ok…I seen someone just yesterday walking by with a white back pack that looked like a shell on the outside. It caught my attention. Different …