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The Queen Of Kings County

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Young M.A. – In the words of the late great Brooklyn lyricist The Notorious BIG “that Brooklyn bullshit, we on it”.  Brooklyn, home of some of the illest pop culture icons, Jean-Micheal Basquiat, Barbara Streisand, Jay-Z, even Tupac Shakur, has got its mojo back in the last year.  With the sudden rise of Bed Stuy’s Designer, crushing the streets with his song Panda then signing to Kanye’s GOOD music, winning is in the borough’s bloodstream.

The artist that stuck out the most, in my opinion, holds the torch, putting BK back on the map, Young M.A.  Respectfully, I usually can’t stand female rappers, it is just not my cup of tea and extremely hard to buy what their selling. This young, openly gay, 24-year-old female artist embodies hunger, greatness, swag and flow all balled in one.  The best part, you would not expect the bars that come out of this girls mouth, by the time she’s done spitting, you’re already caught in the flow, intrigued by what you just heard.

Young M.A, short for “Me Always” has been on my radar since 2014 when her video “Brooklyn Chiraq” began to bubble over the internet, then went viral when author Boyce Watkins made unfavorable comments relating to the song.  2 years later, through all the negative comments, backlash, and critics, in 2016 Young M.A put the streets into overdrive with her catchy self-released single “Ooouuu”.  Peaking at 19 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, awarding Young M.A seven million streams and a remix version by every rapper and their mother, “Ooouuu” planted M.A’s feet firmly on the hip hop battlefield.

Now that the Young MA camp has my attention I’m patiently waiting to see what the future holds for her.  Although  M.A has not dropped a wide released debut album with a major, she has released a string of mixtapes, singles and videos consistently.  Mixtapes include MA The Mixtape and Sleep Walking, both released in 2015.

young ma

February 13, 2017

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    February 19, 2017

    Female rappers have always been trendy, her style is just different yet unique. I have always been a fan of the earlier female artist such as, Anquette, Roxanne Shante’, Mc Trouble, Nikki D, Sweet Tee and a few others that were birth in the late 70’s to early and mid 80’s, but did not receive the notoriety as such Mc Lyte, Salt N Pepa, etc…. It’s definitely competitive, and these strong yet bold and talented ladies have much to face in the industry especially against their male counterparts, that is the male rap artists that have a hunger and strive for the rap game. Lyrics are a thing of the past, for modern rap/hip hop seems to grasp the interest of our youth with a combination of mixed beats, that sound good. Growing up if you listened to a rap song and the lyrics were “sick” you would say “ohhhh”, repeating what was said, praising that artist for his proven talent to rhyme and “spit” were respected. With this being said, Youn M.A. deserves the respect for her willingness to put forth the effort in taking on a challenging career as an artist of rap culture that doesn’t come easy. She does has lyrics and I am hoping she can provide a positive message in the industry that rap should be heard, it’s ok to speak your emotions. It felt good going to school, listening to Tupac; I found him to be emotional about what his was rapping about and could feel his message. I felt like I wasn’t alone, it was ok to shed tears, for life wasn’t just a struggle for me but those too that didn’t appear as obvious. Much love to Young M.A.